Pricing Information


Each Upstage Dance Centre dancer is required to pay an annual registration fee of $35.00. If you have more than one dancer in your immediate family, the annual registration is $60.00 total for the entire family. A reduced registration fee is available if you register after January.

Start Date Registration Fee


June – December

January – May

One Dancer



Two Dancers



Monthly Class Fees

Recreational Students: Upstage Dance Centre’s class fees are based on the number of hours taken each week. Monthly class fees begin at $40.00 per month for a 45-minute class. Once you establish the number of hours per week, refer to the “Upstage Dance Centre Class Pricing”
chart to determine the exact monthly cost.

Hours per week







Cost per month







Hours per week







Cost per month







Hours per week







Cost per month







Hours per week






Adult Class

Cost per month







Team students: Tuition is based upon one rate of $165 a month for unlimited classes. 

Hours/week          Cost/month

.75                                 $45.00

1.00                              $50.00

1.25                               $55.00

1.50                              $60.00

1.75                               $65.00

2.00                              $70.00

Hours/week          Cost/month

2.25                              $75.00

2.5                                $80.00

2.75                              $85.00

3.00                             $90.00

3.25                              $95.00

3.5                                $105.00

Hours/week          Cost/month

3.75                              $110.00

4.00                             $115.00

4.25                             $120.00

4.5                               $125.00

4.75                             $130.00

5.00                            $140.00

Hours/week          Cost/month

5.25                             $145.00

5.5                               $150.00

5.75                             $155.00

6.00                            $160.00

Adult Class                $30.00


Speacialty Classes

Solo Routine    $350.00

Includes Choreography
6 Hours of Instruction
Extra Lessons May Be
Purchased ($20.00 for 30

Pageant Solo Routine    $450.00

Includes Choreography &
Pageant Prep
7 Hours of Instruction

Duet/Trio Routine    $275.00/dancer

Includes Choreography
6 Hours of Instruction

Private Lessons    $65.00

30 minutes per week

Additional Costs

All students depending on the class and/or group placement of the dancer will have additional costs including costume fees and the Brown Theater Fee (for our Spring Recital).

Team Students may also have additional costs such as choreography fees, rhinestones, booster club fees, convention fees, and competition fees. 

Due dates and amounts of these payments will be announced via email and in a calendar you will receive in June or July. Late fees will also apply to these payments. If you have any more questions on these costs, please see an Upstage Dance Centre receptionist.

General Payment Information

Fee Due Dates/Late Fees: The annual registration fee must be paid prior to the first class. No dancer will be allowed to take classes without first paying this fee. Monthly class fees are due by the 10th of each month. After the 10th of each month, Upstage Dance Centre will be STRICTLY ENFORCING a “late fee.” Please refer to the following chart for “late fee” charges.



PAYMENT DATE:               LATE FEE:

1st – 10th                               No late fee

11th – 15th                            $10 late fee (per dancer)

16th – 30th                            $30 late fee (per dancer)


*VERY IMPORTANT! If the 10th falls on a weekend, tuition payments are still due that day. If monthly fees have not been received by the 30th of that particular month, the instructor will ask the dancer to sit out of class until the payment is made in full. All late fees and payments are still due in this circumstance.

PAYMENT METHODS: Checks, cash, and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment however, there is a convenience fee to use any card. All checks should be made out to Upstage Dance Centre or UDC. A bounced check fee of $30 will be charged on all returned checks. All class fee payments should be given to an Upstage Dance Centre receptionist, placed in the mailbox to the left of the front doors, mailed to Upstage, or placed in the “payment drop box” at the front counter. Do not leave a cash payment in boxes.

The studio address is 9835 Third Street Road, Louisville, KY 40272.

POST DATED CHECKS: Upstage Dance Centre cannot accept post dated checks. All checks will be cashed the next business day.

REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS on any payment made to Upstage Dance Centre, including but not limited to class fees, competition or convention fees, Annual Spring Recital, choreography fees, costume fees, etc.

PRORATIONS: Upstage Dance Centre prorates monthly class fees for dancers that start dancing at Upstage in the middle of a month. The office staff will assist you in determining prorated class fees. Payments cannot be prorated if a dancer misses class for any reason.

WITHDRAW: When enrolled, each student is in their class indefinitely. To withdrawal from a class, a written notice is required and needs to be on file before the 1st of the month when tuition is assessed, otherwise you will be responsible for that current month, even if your child does not attend classes.

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